Removing Teeth

Why are teeth removed?

Most commonly teeth are removed when it is not possible to save them. Often this is the result of dental decay, gum disease, tooth fracture or dental infection and abscesses. Occasionally, healthy teeth are removed for orthodontic purposes to make more space for teeth to align harmoniously.

What is a tooth extraction (removal)?

The dentist will numb the tooth using local anaesthetic before it is removed. Using steady pressure the socket around the tooth will be widened until the tooth can be eased out. Sometimes, teeth which are misaligned or bedded firmly into the jaw require a special drill to individually and easily remove the roots of the tooth.

How long does the procedure take?

Tooth removal rarely takes more than 30 minutes for a simple removal. For more complex tooth removal such as impacted wisdom teeth an hour long appointment may be required. The tooth socket usually heals uneventfully without a further appointment.

What are the alternative options?

Your dentist will discuss the alternatives to tooth removal which may include root canal treatment. Where the tooth cannot be saved or where extraction is required to assist orthodontic treatment, your dentist will discuss this with you.

How much does tooth removal cost?

The cost for tooth removal may depend on the complexity of the procedure and the number of teeth being removed. For further information on the cost of tooth removal, please refer to our price list.