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It’s no surprise that consuming teeth-staining food and drink can affect the shade of your teeth over time.

This is where teeth whitening treatment comes in. This popular treatment can reinvent your smile, giving it the sparkle it deserves.

Here at Crown Bank Dental, we use the WhiteWash Professional Whitening system from WhiteWash Laboratories, a reputable company created and developed by dentists.

Teeth whitening: the process

We will start by examining your teeth during a consultation, to make sure there aren’t any underlying dental problems that need to be treated before you start the whitening process. You will then be provided with custom made whitening trays , which you can wear each day, and over time your teeth will become a whiter and brighter shade.


Is teeth whitening treatment safe?

Teeth whitening is completely safe when it’s carried out by a dentist after having had a thorough examination and careful planning. The WhiteWash system is a prescription only treatment that must be overseen by a dentist.

We strongly recommend approaching an established and reputable dental practice like Crown Bank Dental for this treatment and staying away from unqualified individuals offering cosmetic dental treatment and products which can cause damage to your teeth.

Will teeth whitening alter my restorations?

No. Teeth whitening won’t whiten dental work like fillings, crowns and dentures.

How long do the results last?

As long as you take good care of your teeth, refrain from smoking and follow a sensible diet of non-teeth-staining food and drink, it should only take simple top-up treatments every 6-12 months to maintain the results. This can be done using WhiteWash top up gels.

How long does treatment take?

Generally, it takes patients 4-6 weeks to reach the optimal tooth shade they have agreed upon with the dentist prior to treatment starting.

Why is WhiteWash a prescription-only treatment?

The WhiteWash system is prescription-only as it requires a dentist to examine the health of your teeth before you can go ahead with treatment. If used incorrectly and inappropriately, teeth whitening products can cause damage to teeth and the surrounding gums.

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