Crowns & Onlays

What are crowns and onlays?

There are different ways to repair teeth, crowns or onlays are an alternative way to repair and strengthen a tooth. This is especially so for teeth that have had root canal treatment and can be more brittle or teeth which have had very large fillings. A tooth is prepared for a crown or onlay by reducing outer top and sides and leaving a strong inner core. This process makes space for the porcelain or precious metal material to cover the tooth. The end result will restore the natural shape of the tooth. Crowns cover the whole tooth and onlays cover only part of the tooth. Crowns and onlays can be made of tooth coloured porcelain material and / or precious metal. If the tooth has been root canal treated and is very badly broken down, sometimes a post may be inserted into the root of the tooth to support the crown.

How long does the procedure take?

The preparation of the teeth involves at least one appointment to prepare outer layer of the tooth and to take a mould of your teeth. In between appointments a temporary crown or onlay is made to cover the teeth whilst the dental laboratory produce the crown or onlay. At the second appointment the crown or onlay are adhered to the teeth to give a long-lasting result.

What are the alternative options?

In some cases, teeth do not require a crown or onlay and can be repaired with a metal or tooth-coloured filling material.

How much do crowns and onlays cost?

The cost for crowns and onlays depends on the number required  and the material used to make them. For further information on the cost of crowns and onlays, please refer to our price list.