Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check-Ups

At every examination appointment we carry out a thorough and comprehensive oral health check for your protection and overall general health and well being. The appointment includes checking the health and function of your jaw, mouth, teeth and gums.

Keeping gum disease at bay

Gum disease can often arise without any symptoms until it is too late and teeth need to be removed. Our dental experts screen your mouth for disease and help put preventative care plans in place for you to maintain a healthy smile.

Mouth cancer screening

Our clinicians are highly trained to be able to spot the early signs of mouth cancer.
Our dentists are accredited by the Mouth Cancer Foundation. If we notice anything unusual we refer our patients to a specialist doctor for further tests and to confirm a diagnosis. As with many cancers, the earlier mouth cancer is identified the better your chances of a full recovery.

Save a lot of money

Regular visits allow your dentist to evaluate your oral health and treat any problems before they get worse. The quicker a problem is diagnosed, the easier it is to fix often without the need for anaesthesia.