Need to see a dentist urgently?

Every day we allocate time to be able to see and, where appropriate, treat patients with toothache or an urgent dental problem. The caring team at Crown Bank Dental will do their very best to relieve your discomfort on the day. Where a more complex treatment is required we will do what we can to get you out of pain but further appointments might be required for definitive treatment in the near future.

How do I get an urgent dental appointment?

If you do have an urgent dental concern please call our friendly reception team to arrange an appointment or to get some advice. You can contact us on 01270 763 777.

Can I be seen urgently if I am not a member of Crown Bank Dental?

New patients are also welcome to attend our dedicated emergency appointments, although priority is given to our existing members and patients. New patients not registered with us are welcome to call to make an appointment. Every effort will be made to treat and resolve your urgent dental need, after which you would be very welcome to reattend for a comprehensive new patient examination.