Total Health Screens

You can look great, feel great, and exercise regularly. That doesn’t always tell the whole story. When it comes to your health, there are five numbers you need to know: Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholesterol, Waist to Height ratio and BMI. Any one of these numbers can indicate an increased risk for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

We know that dental health and whole body health have a significant overlap and one affects the other. Research already shows links between gum disease and many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. Links between gum disease and some forms of dementia have also been found recently too. We know lots of people do not see their doctor regularly or are unaware of their key numbers so we offer a simple 5 point health screening so that you can get to “know your numbers.”

A health screening appointment involves

  1. A blood pressure check
  2. A Cholesterol screen
  3. A glucose screen
  4. Waist to height ratio assessment
  5. BMI assessment

Your results will be immediate and depending on the findings we will either offer free advice or refer you to your doctor.

Contact the team to book your own health screening today.