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NHS dentist for children in Cheshire

09 / 05 / 2024

3 TOP TIPS for your child’s first dental check-up

Hi, I’m Janine. I’m a dentist at Crown Bank Dental in Sandbach and a parent to two adorable and fiery girls aged two and four. I understand how anxiety-provoking a first visit to the dentist can be for parents and our little ones. So, from parent to parent, I would like to share my top tips for a great first dentist visit that will ensure you and your child leave smiling.

Check out our Instagram for clips of great first visits to the dentist that you and your child can watch together.

How can I find an NHS dentist for my child?

If your child hasn’t visited a dentist yet or you’re looking for a child-friendly practice that welcomes the whole family, click here or scan the QR code to secure their place for an NHS appointment at our award-winning family-run practice. We are accepting children on the NHS and we offer great value membership schemes for adults.

Why do dentists recommend a dental check by age one?

Dental decay is the number one reason for childhood admissions to hospitals in the UK. The government recommends a dental check by age one to get good oral hygiene and diet habits in place right from the start. It also helps us to pick up any issues early and get them sorted.

What happens at a first dental check-up?

A first dental visit is all about getting to know you and your child and building their confidence when coming to the dentist. Your little one can expect a warm welcome from the dental team and find plenty of toys in the waiting room.

Suppose your child is under the age of 2. In that case, most of the appointments will be spent talking about oral health, giving dietary advice, discussing tooth brushing and creating a safe and friendly environment for them to explore before checking their teeth. Over the age of three, your child will also be offered the application of a protective fruit-flavoured fluoride varnish that helps to prevent dental decay. If your child is a bit older, they may be offered X-rays to help detect any dental decay.

These early appointments focus on making sure your child has a positive experience and leaves looking forward to their next visit!

Three top tips for a first dental visit

  1. Practice makes perfect – pretend play with your little one checking their teeth at home. Get them to look in the mirror and count their teeth, you could invest in a play dental kit. This will help to build their confidence before their first appointment.
  2. Use child-friendly language to talk about dentistry with your child. It is a good idea to avoid mentioning negative dental experiences you might have had in the past. Examples of child-friendly word-swaps include:
    • Swap probe for tooth tickler;
    • Swap drill for buzzy washer;
    • Swap suction for thirsty straw;
    • Swap local anaesthetic for Magic sleepy tooth juice.
  1. Bring your child’s toothbrush and toothpaste with you – that way your dentist can demonstrate brushing and offer advice about the best type of toothpaste for your child.

Why choose Crown Bank Dental for your child?

At Crown Bank Dental, we create a positive and fun experience for each child’s visit to the dentist. From the warm welcome they receive when they enter the practice, to the toys and books in the waiting room, the gentle care that our child-friendly dental team provide, right through to our unique Crown Bank Dental colouring books.

We take improving the dental health of the nation seriously and are involved in a national study, the CHOICE trial, to help improve preventative dental care for all children aged 3 – 7 and their families.

Come and see how we do things differently at Crown Bank Dental.

Book your child’s appointment today – click here or scan the QR Code below to send us a Whatsapp.

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