COVID-19 Updates and helpful information for patients

After receiving clear guidance on how to reopen safely, we are in a position to offer a summary of what procedures can be safely carried out at this time.

The government have set out the five stages of risk level 1-5. We are currently at level 4. With each risk level, the treatments that can be offered in the practice will change, with a view to being once again able to offer our full range of services.

As we are at level 4, this means that the treatments we can carry out at the practice will be significantly limited. This is because we are unable to use any of our high-speed drills or the water and air system which powers them. This is known as an aerosol generated procedure (AGP).

We will be contacting all of our patients that have identified themselves over the closure period with a dental problem to assess their needs and offer them an appointment from week commencing 8th June.

We have new protocols in place which means we will be working very differently to the last time you visited us. However, please do not worry, it is still our helpful friendly faces behind the masks.

At level 4 we are be able to carry out the following:

·       Assessment – this will be offered initially in order of urgency

·       X rays

·       Temporary fillings

·       Prescription for antibiotics if necessary

·       Draining of a dental abscess

·       Simple dental extractions

·       Temporary re-cementation of crowns/bridges

An appointment will only be offered after assessment and triage by a dentist.

Once the risk level reduces, we will review what we are able to offer and recontact you for more definitive treatment if necessary.

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